Everyday Zen: Quotes on Zen

Everyday Zen: Quotes on Zen

“Sitting silently, doing nothing, spring comes and the grass grows by itself.” ~ A Haiku by Zen Master Basho. To me, the above Haiku is an essence of Zen.

Zen - A path to Enlightenment

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Feb 6, 2022
“You may ask, what does Zen will give? Well, Zen will give you Enlightenment. Therefore, you have to have zeal and you should enjoy the journey.”

Feb 7, 2022
“Do you need to be a Buddhist to practice Zen? No. Zen does not make you religious. So you have to overcome the religion that you belong to, to practice Zen.”

Feb 8, 2022
“You may have heard of instant coffee and instant noodles. There is nothing like that in Zen. It has its growth path. So it requires practice and perseverance.”

Feb 9, 2022
“The right path to Zen is not to go out but to go in. That is how you will know you are moving in the right direction. You do not need Google Maps or GPS on the way to Zen.”

Feb 10, 2022
“There is nothing logical and magical about Zen. Everything is illogical, and irrational about Zen. So be careful when you say it has happened to you.”

Feb 11, 2022
“You have to renounce opinions, preconceived notions, prejudices about Zen. It has its theory and practice until it becomes your own existential experience.”

Feb 12, 2022
“You have to throw away everything on the path of Zen until there is nothing to throw away. Eventually, there is nobody to throw away anything.”

Feb 14, 2022
“Will Zen give you money? No. Zen will give you mindfulness. You can then use mindfulness while earning, saving, investing, and spending money.”

Feb 15, 2022
“Management requires constant attention and control whereas Zen requires constant inattention and mindfulness. Control and concentration are part of Management and not of Zen.”

🧘In the Garden of Zen
This is a Zen Poem.

Feb 16, 2022
“Just a start of the journey of Zen, the existence will start working towards you like an invisible Bodhisattva.”

Feb 17, 2022
“Buddha has something to do with Buddhahood. But he has nothing to do with Buddhism. This can be an obstacle on the path of Zen.”

Feb 18, 2022
“Mind is a strange thing. When you go out, you can discover the beauty of the world. And when you go in, you can simply discover the beauty of your true Self.”

Feb 19, 2022
“You can never understand Zen mathematically. But mathematics can help you understand the world. Zen is simply like your breathing. What formula can you apply to your breathing? Zen is for living. And mathematics is for existing.”

Feb 21, 2022
“Nirvana is not a geographic place like heaven. When Zen happens to you, you will realize that you are already there. It is your spiritual space.”
These are Zen quotes for 15 days.

Feb 24, 2022
“You can shake your body. You can shake your mind. But you can not shake yourself. Your soul is not a body. It is no-body and no-thing. So how can you shake your true Self?”